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Cryoshield was established in 1986 by John Winterton and supplies much needed designs and manufacture prototype process control equipment to the South African gas industry. Cryoshield has the capability to manufacture large capacity, new generation, cryogenic freezing equipment. This requires specialised fabricating techniques in stainless steel and over the years Cryoshield has produced high quality equipment to suit clients’ needs. From vacuum furnaces, working +2500 °C
to low temperature systems, working at -270 °C. Crysohield offers turn-key electro-mechanical projects to research and development departments of major South African companies.


Cryoshield products include the following:

  1. Cryogenic Food Freezing Equipment
  2. Cryogenic Dosing Systems (for pressurizing and inerting of lightweight cans and plastic containers)
  3. Cryogenic Ambient Vaporizers
  4. Custom Design Cryogenic Systems
  5. Transformer Oil Recovering Systems (used in the removal of moisture from insulating oil)
  6. Dry Phase Systems for the Dehydration of Transformer Cores
  7. Transformer drying equipment used to remove moisture from transformer cores before tanking
  8. Cryogenic Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers 

Physical Address:

Cnr North Reef & Serenade Roads

Henville Ext, Elandsfontein

Tel: +27 11 822 1333
Fax: 27 11 8221182